Kroger Community Rewards

Dearborn Symphony (Dearborn Orchestral Society) Organization Number is 84441

Your Kroger Plus Card can be registered with the Kroger Community Rewards Program, then the Dearborn Symphony will receive about 3% on your purchases.

Kroger requires re-registration each year, so if you registered last year, you need to re-register

How to register your Kroger Plus Card


  1. Go to a Kroger Store and get a Plus Card
  2. Establish an account with Kroger Community Rewards click here to go to
    Scoll down until you see the work Michigan
    Click on Michigan to get to next page
    click on Enroll to get to next page
    In the right column, click on Sign up today! to get to next page
    Enter your zip code and click on Search to see list of preferred stores (it does not matter which you select)
    Enter your email address and confirm your email address
    Enter a password (dosfriend1 will work) and confirm this password
    Click on Next to get to next page
    Enter requested information and click on Next to get to next page
    Click on box next to ” have read and agree to the terms and conditions.”
    Click on complete registration to get notice about activating your account
  3. Activate your account
    When you get the confirmation email from Kroger “Last Step to Activate Your Account”
    follow the instructions in the email.
  4. Tell Kroger to contribute to the Dearborn Symphony click here to go to
    Click on Already Enrolled? Sign In to get to next page
    Enter your email address and password then click on sign in
    At bottom of page click on Edit Community Rewards Program Information to go to next page
    Under 1. in the box enter 84441 in the box and click on Search
    Click on circle next to DEARBORN ORCHESTRAL SOCIETY
    Click on save changes
    Click on logout to exit
  5. Next April – re-register your card by just repeating step 4.

If you don’t have a computer, stop by the office (call first 313.565.2424) and we will sign you up.

Thank you for participating in “eat your way to our prosperity!”